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Aldeane Comito Ries

Aldeane Comito Ries has dedicated her educational life to the Clark County School District.  She has been touching the lives of students since1962.  Ms. Ries began her career as a teacher at J. E. Manch Elementary School, and continued on at Ruth Fyfe Elementary until 1967.  She then moved onto middle school joining Garside as a teacher for one year.  In 1968, Ms. Ries entered into the administrative role as a Dean of Students providing service to both Garside and K. O. Knudson Middle Schools.   In 1970, she entered the ranks at the senior high level, as a dean for Valley High School.  After serving Valley for three years, she was then moved to Chapparal High until 1979.  She then became an Admissions Counselor for SNVTC (Southern Nevada Vocational Tech Center)  In 1981, Ms. Ries returned to Chaparral High School to serve students and staff in the role of assistant principal.  She remained there until 1990, when she was appointed as Principal, returning back to Valley High School.   Ms. Ries was selected to open Silverado High School in 1993, where she remained until 2000, at which time she chose to retire after 38 years of service.


Ms. Ries made the following statement to the first Graduating Class of Silverado in 1996.  She said to her students, “In life, there is only one thing you can give yourself….it is an education. It is up to you to decide on what kind of education that will be.” 

We are very fortunate to have our school named after such an outstanding individual.  Ms. Ries is a shining star for the Clark County School District. 

If one asks Ms. Ries what education means to her, she would reply,

“It’s all about kids and doing things for the right reasons."

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