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Mr. Mario Quinonez

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Janet Perez
Assistant Principal

Welcome to Ries Elementary School!  We have the distinct privilege of serving as the administrative team of Aldeane Comito Ries Elementary.  We are proud to be associated with outstanding teachers, staff, and community that make this place tick.


A little about our school........

Our school, which opened in August of 2005, is located in the far southwest portion of the Las Vegas valley. We founded this school with the belief that school should be a fun, positive experience for our students. Hence our motto “Laugh Together, Learn Together”. Our superb, dedicated teachers and staff work daily to ensure that our students receive a world class education in a safe, risk free environment.  The belief that parents should have an active role in their children’s school is a hallmark of the philosophy at Aldeane Ries Elementary School. Parents are encouraged to become involved, to the maximum extent possible, in their child’s education.  The administration prides itself on being available to students and parents and seeks to establish positive, meaningful relationships with the community. Our core belief that elementary school should be a fun place that permeates every aspect of our instructional program.  We encourage families to find out about our school by being here and taking an active role in making our school a wonderful place for kids.

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